Stm32F407 MCU Processor gives it the ability for more outputs.

8 x injectors (high current)

8 x Ignition Output (selectable 5/12v) Coils with ignitors

(Firmware will run sequential 8×8 ignition/Injection)

4 x High current (vvt , boost, idle 1, idle2)

1 x High current High side output (12 volt Positive, can drive V-Tech solenoid)

3 x low current, Fuel pump, Fan, Spare

(Total of 13 High Current outputs)

(Total of 3 Low current outputs)


Intake air temp


MAP (internal + External) 250kpa or 400kpa available

O2 analog Input (Wideband and narrow)

4 x extra analog inputs 0-5v linear (Oil,Fuel pressure etc, Can be configured as temperature with bias resistor jumper)

(Total of 9 external Analog inputs)

Built in Dual VR Conditioner MAX9926 (selectable VR or HALL

Baro Internal

Flex input

3 x Digital inputs (VSS etc)

Tach output (5v-12V Selectable)

Stepper idle control plug in (Can be used for another 3 Medium current Outputs)

Winbond 26Q16 Flash memory. Faster read and writes(Less wear on MCU)

CAN Bus Communication (hardware, Up to Speeduino firmware if supported)

Quality robust USB B connector (not the crappy USB Mini connectors)

Aluminium cased

All come with 34 and 26 Connectors and pins included. 

Full instructions included

All hand assembled and tested in functioning car before sending out.

Will require small firmware modification for pin map as with all other available STM32 Hardware versions.

This is a Speeduino COMPATIBLE Board. (Like all other custom available boards advertised)

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    1. Hi, Currently out of stock, will be available again soon, $390 + $35 (Australian Dollar) international shipping or $18 express shipping in Australia.

      1. Sorry for not responding sooner, seems there was a problem with the page not letting me know there where questions.
        You won’t need a MAF sensor, these ECU’s have a built in MAP sensor that replaces the MAF.

        1. Do u ship to the us? If so what would the cost of shipping be. Around about estimate?

          1. Hi, im having trouble getting parts delivered, our postal service has become useless and the parts have arrived in Australia but don’t seem to be moving any further
            I don’t have a exact answer for you sorry.

  1. Can this be fitted to a toyota blacktop 20 valve motor having trouble getting factory ecu to read correct O2 reading !

    1. Sorry for not responding sooner, seems there was a problem with the page not letting me know there where questions.
      Yes it will work, but you have to modify the Trigger pattern in the Dizzy, you have to grind off one of the teeth on the 24 tooth wheel so it becomes a 24-1 tooth pattern.

  2. Hey mate, just wondering if the instructions include how to set up a crank trigger system on the Holden 304?

    Also, when can we expect stock to be available? Very keen to get a kit to wire in as a piggyback for my VT Clubby build.

    1. No instructions for Holden 304. I run a 304 myself but ditched the factory stuff. But being a VT 304 its should already be sequential, you have a 8 trigger pulse and a single cycle pulse.
      Is it a auto and why you want to piggy back it?
      If your interested its not too hard to do the trigger setup.

      1. It is auto but I will be manualizing it so that I don’t need trans control. I want to piggy back it to retain the factory cluster functions, and also so I can ditch the stock maf, as it looks terrible on my setup. I also like having the option of going with a coil on plug setup at some point.

        Do you have any of these in stock?

    1. Im guessing your asking where the MCU board comes from, you will usually find them on ali express, they are called “DevEbox”.

    1. Hi
      All ecu’s are currently available, as of 8-8-21 for the next week im swamped with orders so lead time maybe a extra few days at most.

    1. if you add the bluetooth option when ordering then yes, But the PRO ecu can only use Bluetooth for dash displays and not tuning with TunerStudio. All the other ECU can Use Bluetooth for TunerStudio.

  3. Hi all,
    if youse are considering purchasing one of these ECU’s all i can say is go for it.
    These are very well made and are packed full of features, for the price you pay they are outstanding value for money.
    I come from a background of installing and tuning standalone ECU’s and i really like this small unit packed full of features.
    I also really like the TUNER STUDIO software and their Data Logging Software also.
    I am very much looking forward to completing my install and finalising the tune.
    Anyway i just thought i would voice my opinion for those who may be
    interested in one of these great little units.
    Dave PRO TUNING.

  4. This looks like a really great ECU. are the external A/D able to handle additional WBO2s?
    Hope this comes back in stock soon.

    1. Yes, it is able to take a second WBO2, ut current firmware only allows 1 WB for corrections, the second can be use for visual and logging.

    1. I hope to have stock soon, these lockdowns in to major states where the freight goes through is slowing things down.

  5. Hi, interested in an ECU for my Isuzu 6ve1 engine. Can you point me in the direction of what to get?

    1. you will need the Basic or the pro ecu, with the basic you can run paired injection and wasted spark ignition, the trigger pattern is a 60-2+1 so that’s supported, The Pro will give you full sequential, I don’t find a lot of performance difference between paired and sequential. The engine uses a stepper motor for idle control and is only supported in the pro version. Idle can be made to work without idle control, but there are advantages of having idle control.

  6. Hi, I’m interested to know how well the Pro ECU would go on a very v6 commodore. It has a manual gearbox behind it.

    1. It will go very well. Ive got one on a Buick V6, I was running one on my ecotech v6 (changed to a V8), and I have a customer running one on a Alloytech v6. I also have a few people running the Micro on holden V6’s

    1. Its about to, im just waiting to get some new MCU boards back that plug in and have rusEFI support, But because of the chip shortage the stm32f407 needed and hard to get and I only have a small amount in stock.

  7. hello,
    I am interested in your card.
    I had a Frankenso Card (Rusefi) on another project (sold).
    I have a new project on Subaru and I like the STM32 chip.
    I saw on a comment more early, that your card would soon be compatible with Rusefi.
    So my question is, what is the price of the map?
    Do I have a chance to start a subaru with a trigger 6/7?
    Finally, is it possible to ship it in France?
    Sincerely, Cyrille

    1. Hi, I am working on the rusEFI as im typing this. It is working on the bench, but I’m trying to sort out a problem with their firmware.
      From looking at the rusEFI firmware the Subaru trigger is supported.
      I ship to everywhere.
      The price for the PRO ECU is the same with Speeduino or rusEFI board, But you cannot switch firmware as the MCU (Processor) are different. You are able to switch the MCU’s as its just a plug in module inside the ECU, the extra module $45.

      1. the PRO ECU is sold with the MCU stm32 if I read that right.

        The stm32 is compatible with speeduino and rusefi if I understood correctly.

        If I want to try the speeduino and rusefi software, I need 2 STM32 MCUs?
        Or when we talk about the speeduino MCU, you’re talking about arduino?

  8. With the pro ECU is the pin definition in the master branch of speeduino? Like do I just choose the STM32F40 black board when using the pro?

    Curious as I would like to order one but tired of fiddling with custom init.ino stuffs

    1. The firmware has custom pin mapping, STM32 boards are also not Speedyloader compatible. so all STMs need to be manually loade
      I make a simple click and upload for the firmware.

      1. awesome, I dont mind uploading the FW but sometimes I forget to put my custom pin map between versions and it was causing some light headaches. Will be ordering to USA next pay check 😀

  9. the PRO ECU is sold with the MCU stm32 if I read that right.

    The stm32 is compatible with speeduino and rusefi if I understood correctly.

    If I want to try the speeduino and rusefi software, I need 2 STM32 MCUs?
    Or when we talk about the speeduino MCU, you’re talking about arduino?

    1. The current Pro ECU is Speeduino compatible and I use stm32f407ve board for it. To run the rusEFI it needs to be a stm32f407vg. rusEFI also isn’t as pin friendly as Speeduino and the current set out of the Pro board meant I couldn’t use the standard MCU board I was using. I made a custom board with the stm32f407vg that uses the available pins rusEFI offers to the pinout of my board. You will have to swap MCU boards to swap the firmware. when you purchase a Pro you can have either MCU and if you want to try both it will be $35 for the other MCU. Currently because of the chip shortage the rusEFI MCU is very limited supply.
      Only real advantage is for rusEFI currently is the DBW that the Pro will support.

  10. Hi,
    I was trying to follow the comments but got a bit lost.
    Does it use the Arduino board?
    Tuneable via Tuner Studio?
    Looking for a unit to control timing Advance/Retard under boost conditions.

    1. Hi
      It uses a STM32F407, It is a Arduino compatible board. So it can be programmed with Arduino IDE.
      It does use Tuner Studio for tuning.
      It will do all those functions and more.

  11. Hi,
    Do you know when you will have these back available? I am looking at using this for a Rover V8 install in a TVR. Specifically for fully sequential fueling and CoP from an LS3 for sequential ignition. I am also intending on replacing the existing stepper motor with a PWM valve and the use of a knock sensor (because I am replacing the 4.6 pistons with 4.0 pistons to increase compression). From what I understand, this should all be fine for this board?

    1. I will have some 400kpa map sensors in stock by the beginning of next week approx (1-10-22). Speeduino doesn’t currently use Knock sensing.

      1. Hi Nick,
        Will there be a support for knock sensing on your ECUs, in the future versions?


        1. Hi, When and if the Firmware supports it. I personally don’t think it will as I have never found a aftermarket knock sensing unit that works reliably.

  12. Hello how are you? My name is Santi Júnior and I’m from Brazil! I’m looking for a Programmable electronic injection system that I can control some engines that I have of 4, 5, 6 and 8 cylinders completely sequentially! I would like to check with you if you have a model to which I can do this control and if you would send it to Brazil? And if they still have something in the form of a kit so I can assemble it right here?

    1. Hi, I have a few versions available they will run 4 cylinder up to 8 cylinder sequentially injection and ignition. I ship to anywhere. All ecu’s a pre assembled as the are all Surface mount components, I do not offer kits to build sorry.
      The micro is for very basic installations. up to 4 injection and ignition, paired injection and wasted spark on 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder.
      The basic with do the same for ignition and injection, but has 4 more High current outputs and 3 spare analogue inputs and 4 extra digital inputs.
      The pro will run up to 8 cylinders Sequential Injection and Ignition with 5 extra high current outputs, 4 spare analogue inputs, 3 spare digital inputs, Stepper Idle socket etc.

  13. Looking at the pro to run sequential setup on a vg30. Will this also do 2step and everything? Never messed with speeduino so any advice is appreciated.

  14. I would like to do a Pro board, with Rusefi, (im needing dbw).
    Are you still doing these? Are there advantages/dis-advantages compared to the Proteus board ?

    1. Hi, I have no experience with the Proteus board, so I cannot comment. I am still doing the Pro with a RusEFI board and electrically they work fine including the DBW, I do not have enough experience with RusEFI for running it.

  15. What connectors are used to connect to the ECU? We want to buy a spare set either from you or AliExpress. Thanx

    1. Depending on the ecu,
      TE Connectors
      4-1437290-0 Plug wire end 34 pin
      3-1437290-7 Plug wire end 26 pin
      3-1447221-3 Pins

  16. Can this be used in conjuction with vehicle stock ecu so that other signals will still show up on the dash of the car.

    1. Yes you can piggyback the ecu. Does depend a little on the car, but most things can be worked around.

  17. Any idea when DBW will be available for use with Speeduino boards? I have a 1UZ VVTi that I’m looking to pair with a TCU that requires DBW.

    1. Hi, Its something im still working on, But it’s finding time, I have a few things in development currently. I don’t have a time frame sorry.

    1. Hi
      In the next few days, I’ve let the website stock run out so I can catch up as I’m flatout filling orders.

  18. I was wondering if the injectors can be ran in batch? I have a v10 that im trying to get running and would like to know before I buy the ecu. Also what does it mean by (high current) for the injectors is that it can only run high impedance injectors?

    1. HI, Yes you can run the injectors in batch mode, Im just working with a customer now with a Ford V10. Speeduino does not support a V10 but RusEFI does, As we can run both firmwares it is possible. High current means we can switch higher loads like injectors etc. The ecus are not compatible for Low impedance (Peak and hold) injectors.

  19. Hi there.Is it going to work with a 5 cylinder turbo Fiat Coupe from 1997?Want to have sequential both ignition and injection.And do you ship to Greece?
    Thank you.

  20. Hello, I have seen that you have a control unit that works with canbus, I am building a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, this car has a traction control ECU that communicates with the engine ECU through can bus, I would like to know if yours would work in this so I can order it.

    1. Hi, No I don’t make anything canbus related that will work with what you have. Currently the CANBUS output of the ECU is a basic HALTECH dash information. It can be expanded on, but not for individual manufacturers as each one is different.

      1. Thank you for your quick response. Do you know if there is a solution for this?

    1. the ecu isn’t able to control traction, It maybe something in the future but would need a seperate traction controller and the firmware would need to be modified to suit.

  21. I saw you replied to someone asking about the 6VE1 emgine, but I was hoping you could provide some insight on using this in a 6VD1… i know the VE has a different crank sensor arrangement, so thats my main concern…

    1. 6VE1-w is ok for the ecu but 6VE1-DI is not able to use as its Direct injection. From what I have read the sensor output is HALL (square wave), 60-2 tooth pattern and 1 cam trigger, So same setup as a BMW triggers and im using that on my BMW’s.

  22. On your M44 pnp board there is an input labelled OIL. Can that be configured as oil pressure? If so what is the custom channel?

  23. My wiring guy would like to know how many amps can this ecu take from the fuel pump so he does blow the ecu.

    1. None, the fuel pump out put needs to be connected to a relay, all outputs switch to ground so the other side of the relay needs to be a Switched 12v power. Same as the fan and Spare low current outputs.

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