Speeduino Firmware 202402.1

Speeduino Firmware update 202402.1, Including Haltech CANBUS Broadcast.

There is now 2 update files on the STMPRO app for the newest update, they are for 1Mbit and 500k Canbus, Use the 500k if you currently use a Canbus wideband that cannot change speed from 500k to 1Mbit.
**The Canbus change to 1Mbit from 500k, If your using AEM or other Canbus devices these will no longer work.**

This is the first fixes release (FP1) for the LTS 202402 firmware version. As with previous fix pack releases, this contains no new features but resolves a number of issues that have been found inline with the intended Long Term Support of the 202402 release.

The specific fixes in this release are:

  • VVT angle readings (and therefore closed loop VVT control) were not working when:
    1. The Poll secondary method was used or
    2. Neither the fuel or ignition were set to sequential
  • Using a 2-stroke engine with the Basic Distributor decoder resulted in an incorrect RPM reading
  • The Flex fuel boost adjustment was being added multiple times to the boost target
  • The tacho sweep function was not functioning due to a regression
  • The stepper idle control was operating at half the commanded step value during cranking (Not during running)
  • Prevent a potential oscillation of the fuel pump output when the engine comes to a stop
  • The TPS reading over OBD2 and CAN broadcasts was incorrectly scaled

As there are no new features or other major changes included in this release, it is strongly recommended for all users of the 202402 firmware to upgrade to this version. No ini file changes for Tuner Studio.

AEM Canbus Wide Band O2

as of 20-4-24 the 202402 firmware now has RusEFU and AEM Canbus Wide Band available.

so if you have an AEM canbus enabled wide band controller you can connect the can H and can L to the canbus on the STM Pro ecu and select WBO over CAN select the rusEFI WBO and both are available to be used.

make sure you have the canbus enabled under accessories and CanBus/serial menu and Internal CanBus is enabled.

New Product, Honda D16y4 Plug and Play.

First batch of the Honda Plug and Play ECU’s have arrived. I have been busy testing these on my new Honda engine bought for the project.
True PNP ecu, remove the old, plug in the new and turn the key.
Unplug your current ecu, Plug this one in and turn the key.
You will need to connect your laptop and calibrate a few settings and then tune it, It comes with a base map that will start the engine.

2 extra connectors are on the ecu.
A Wideband Module is available to just plug into the ecu and a patch lead to plug into a 4.9lsu sensor on a side header.
The other header is for Coil On Plug addon, Sequential injection, Flex fuel, Clutch switch (for launch control), Boost solenoid and VVT (these are just naming and can be configured as many different functions).

ECU Features:

  • Software tuning with TunerStudio by EFI Analytics.
  • Flex Fuel
  • Wideband Corrections
  • Dual 16×16 tables for fuel and ignition control
  • Launch Control
  • Closed Loop Boost Control
  • Water Methanol Injection
  • Boost by Gear
  • Compatible with the PNP Serial displays

Check out the shop page for more information and to order.

New Pro ecu firmware update application.

Link to download the new firmware loader for the Pro ecu. Windows only version.

There are a couple of steps involved but if you start with the first button “new user” this will give you directions.

You must be connected to the internet, It will fetch the available firmware list for you to pick the firmware you want to load.
The downloaded firmware will ask for a location, Please download to your Downloads directory (default setting) or it will not be able to find The firmware for programing.

Make sure you save your tune before doing any firmware updates. There are a couple of controllers out there that use internal and external memory. All the available firmware now uses external memory so if your tune is on the internal it wont be found by the controller and you will need to reload your backed up tune.

This is a beta release, it may not work on your machine, I’ve run it on several computers so far, It sometimes complains it’s from a untrusted source and windows will ask if you want more information. click then click run anyway.