BMW m40,50,60 and m52 Plug n Play ECU’s

BMW Plug n Play ECU’s will be available soon. Currently waiting on fresh batch of boards to assemble

these will fit M40,M50,M60 and M52. the board is fitted to the factory case. Uses MAP sensor instead of MAF meter.

There are also extra

Wideband input.

Launch control input.

Flex Fuel input.

3 x programable outputs

Boost control

Thermofan control

Fully tuneable standalone ecu. Uses Tunerstudio for tuning.

Uses all standard sensors.

ECU from our khanacross race car

The NEW Pro ECU has arrived

Stm32F407 MCU Processor gives it the ability for more outputs.

8 x injectors (high current)

8 x Ignition Output (selectable 5/12v) Coils with ignitors

(Firmware will run sequential 8×8 ignition/Injection)

4 x High current (vvt , boost, idle 1, idle2)

1 x High current High side output (12 volt Positive, can drive V-Tech solenoid)

3 x low current, Fuel pump, Fan, Spare

(Total of 13 High Current outputs)

(Total of 3 Low current outputs)


Intake air temp


MAP (internal + External) 250kpa or 400kpa available

O2 analog Input (Wideband and narrow)

4 x extra analog inputs 0-5v linear (Oil,Fuel pressure etc, Can be configured as temperature with bias resistor jumper)

(Total of 9 external Analog inputs)

Built in Dual VR Conditioner MAX9926 (selectable VR or HALL

Baro Internal

Flex input

3 x Digital inputs (VSS etc)

Tach output (5v-12V Selectable)

Stepper idle control plug in (Can be used for another 3 Medium current Outputs)

Winbond 26Q16 Flash memory. Faster read and writes(Less wear on MCU)

CAN Bus Communication (hardware, Up to Speeduino firmware if supported)

Quality robust USB B connector (not the crappy USB Mini connectors)

Aluminium cased

All come with 34 and 26 Connectors and pins included. 

Full instructions included

All hand assembled and tested in functioning car before sending out.

Will require small firmware modification for pin map as with all other available STM32 Hardware versions.

This is a Speeduino COMPATIBLE Board. (Like all other custom available boards advertised)

Stock and COVID-19

COVID-19 has slowed down my stock levels, I have taken off the ECU’s until i have stock. Ill enable them while I have stock. I have a quantity of parts coming to hopefully fill the waiting orders.

STM32 Modules are almost complete, Im waiting on the final MCU board to arrive for permanent install on the BMW test car. This should enable full Sequential Injection and Ignition on 6 and 8 cylinders. These are a direct plug in for my Pro ECU’s.

The MICRO, Its small but powerfull.

Its small
Mega2560 MCU
4 Injector outputs
4 ignition outputs (Smart coils or Igniters), Switchable 5v-12v
all the usual protected inputs (TPS, Coolant, MAP, IAT, O2)
Flex fuel
Clutch Input
Internal map 250 kpa
Thermo fan
Fuel Pump
Tach output
One Low Current spare output
VR and Hall triggers, Plug in VR/Optical conditioners
Connected with a 26 pin TE Superseal connector.

Comes in a printed case as pictured.
26 pin plug end and crimp ends to make your wiring harness

price is $250 AUD + Postage.