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  1. Interested in one of these and the micro for a fuel only set up I have. When are both available and cost? Cheers

    1. Hi
      the wideband is still being tested, It will however be priced at $45. The micro is available in the shop at $230 + postage

      1. Too easy, I have an aem 02 gauge + sensor setup which I believe should work with the micro?

  2. Yes that will work fine, all my ECU’s have a analog input for O2 Wideband/Narrowband sensors.

  3. Hey are these still available with the built in display it says click above to add display but I’m not sure where to click thank s

    1. hi, it shouldn’t be visible at all. I’m out of stock of widebands as 1 part isn’t available for awhile.

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