New Look Micro

This is the new look Micro ecu, Same functionality, Different packaging.

Due the current chip shortages a redesign was needed to keep producing this popular ecu.

The size has grown slightly, same width, just 10mm longer.

Trigger hardware settings have also been updated and easier to change.

Best of all, Still the same price. $280 AUD + Shipping.

Head to the shop page to order.

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  1. Can the Micro be modified to use an external MAP?
    I’d like to use existing wiring and put the Micro in the boot, and put the MAP (GM style) in the engine bay

    1. Hi, yes it could be modified to run a external map sensor. I would have to be notified at the time of ordering to make the change.

  2. Do you have CHT sensor for sale? I would want to use this with 1 sylinder air cooled motorbike engine.

    1. Depends on what version you have, I have recently upgraded the spare output to a higher current driver in newer versions. The original spare output is rated at around 1 amp.

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