Basic just got an upgrade

New Basic

Mid level ECU has just has a overhaul with more features, new design.

4 Injector channels
4 Ignition channels (Smart coils or Igniters), Switchable 5v-12v
4 HC Current output (Configurable, Default : Boost, VVT , Idle1 and 2)
4 Low current outputs ULN2803 (paired for 1A) fuel pump, Tachometer output, Thermo fan, Spare
7 Analogue inputs : TPS, O2, CLT, IAT, 3 x spare 0-5v (Can be configures as fuel, oil etc).
4 Digital Inputs : Clutch, VSS, Flex fuel, Spare (all can be reconfigured as other functions).

Switchable 5v-12v Tachometer output.
Onboard MAP Sensor (250kPa)

Serial 3 header (Use with Accessories EG: Dash)

Bluetooth Header* (Use with Tuner studio)
Plug in VR modules*, can be used with 5v hall effect without any other circuit and both VR inputs are protected.
Superseal 34 pin connector.

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    1. Is it a rotary engine? is the trigger on the crank or Distributor? triggers need either a missing tooth on the crank, Missing tooth on the crank and a cycle trigger (Distributor 1 tooth), Missing tooth on Distributor or Missing tooth on Distributor with cycle trigger depending if you want semi-sequential or full sequential.

  1. Do all the ecu’s run on an 8×8 fuel and ignition table. I see that the pro unit does just wanting to know about the others. Cheers

    1. Hi
      All the ECU’s run 16×16 tables for injection, ignition and AFR target maps, the reference to 8×8 on the pro ecu is for the outputs 8 injection and 8 ignition.

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