*obsolete* Introducing the MEGA 3.5 Pro.

Now a complete package with the ability for upgrade processors.
Can be used with my ATMEGA2560 or STM32f407 custom MCU boards.
my STM32F407 are currently beta testing and more information is coming soon.

4 Injectors.
4 High Current, *can be used as injectors for 8 cylinder using STM32F407 (still in development)
8 Ignition (Smart coils or Igniters) switchable 5v-12v, *can use all 8 ignitions on 8 cylinder using STM32F407 (still in development).
standard Fuel, Fan, Tach, 2 x Spare low current outputs.
Tach output 5v-12v switching.
One spare analog input (2 if the onboard Baro isn’t used)
Internal Map.
Internal Baro.
Flex Fuel
Clutch input
Bluetooth compatible.
Stepper Idle control or add extra HC outputs with expansion board.
Superseal 60 Pin connector.
Buck Power supply.
Plug in VR conditioner compatible.
Aluminium Enclosure.

All come with both 26/34 pin connectors, Crimp pins, Wiring diagram and instructions.

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  1. I’m not sure I fully understand the injection capabilities. Are you saying that you can run V8 sequential with the STM32 F407?

    1. Yes Using my STM32F407 running RusEFI Firmware the Pro unit will run sequential fuel and ignition, currently waiting for the Final version of the MCU plug in unit.

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