Mega 3.5 Basic Edition

Basic version.

4 Injector channels

4 Ignition channels (Smart coils or Igniters) Switchable 5v-12v

1 HC Current output

4 Low current outputs ULN2803 (paired for 1A) fuel pump, Tachometer output, Thermo fan, Spare

Tachometer Voltage select 5-12 volt output

MAP, TPS, O2, CLT, IAT, Flex fuel, one Spare Analog input.

Internal 250kPa Map Sensor

Clutch input.

Buck power supply

Serial 3 header

Bluetooth Header* (Used for Tuner Studio)

Plug in VR modules*, can be used with 5v hall effect without any other circuit and both VR inputs are protected.

80×80 board.

Superseal 26 pin connector.

Plug in Custom Mega2560 CPU.

$290 AUD Plus shipping, with connector and crimp pins to make your harness, Instructions and wiring diagram.

Images show Bluetooth and VR Conditioner Installed and are available at additional cost.

*Bluetooth modules configured to go are available as a addon for $15

*VR Conditioners are available for $25

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  1. Hi Mate,
    I need a couple more 0-5 volt inputs for Fuel and Oil pressure, also a couple of PWM outputs to be configured i tunerstudio for both fuel and thermo fan speed control, would this be possible?

    1. yes, has 4 injector and ignition channels, would be able to run upto a V8 with paired injectors and wasted spark configuration.

      1. on the diagram pin 25 am seeing sensor ground and a arrow pointing to battery negative , question is it just sensor ground on is it suppose to be ground for the ecu too?

        1. All grounds (negative battery) need to be grounded at the same place, 25 is main ground and can be used as the sensor ground. Make sure you use heavier gauge wire for both the grounds.

    1. No, Speeduino firmware doesn’t support CAN and this is a budget ECU, The STM32 Version does have CAN, But currently unavailable due to testing and Covid-19 parts deliveries.

  2. Regards: I have your ecu mega 3.5 pro model on toyota corolla with 3.0 v6 toyota sienna engine ready installed runing the car about 6 month. Today im conected witha the laptop to verify and i think that tha firmware is corrupted because initial settings is in basic but when i select advance engine shutdown, the tps is always 100% inclusive if i disconect that , and dont permit calibrate, when i press the accelerator pedal both gages clt and iat swipe between 80 to 136 degrees.if i cranking the engine not register rpm and always is in floodclear. I need the firmware to reset the ecu.

    1. Did you download the INI file in the instructions and use it in Tunerstudio? and is it the same laptop you set it up on? Sounds like the wrong board is selected.

  3. Hi,
    Is there a part number for the pin outs on micro ecu. A few crimps failed and now in short supply. Any stores that would stock them would be perfect?

    1. Sorry for not responding sooner, seems there was a problem with the page not letting me know there where questions. You may have got this sorted by now, very sorry.
      3-1437290-7 Plug wire end 26 pin

      3-1447221-3 Pins

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