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    1. Hi, Yes I can do a DBW for the Pro ECU’s. They are not directly available from the website, You will have to notify me before ordering and i can arrange payment for the modules.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to build a 8 channel DBW intake using 8 Bosch DBW throttle boddies (52mm used in Ford Ecobust 1.6 engines).
    It is Ford V8 application using standalone ECU Fast XFI2.0 that does not support DBW, so would like to get this to be a standalone solution; ideally, if possible, to take in Idle valve signal from ECU to directly control Idle and obviously to send out TPS signal to ECU.

    Is that something you would be able to help with and do you think that current requirement of 8 DBW throttle bodies might be too high/chalenging on the electrical system?

    Thanks, Robert

    1. I don’t think I would like to tackle that, to many failure points. Yes I have now some external DBW controllers completed and they do have input for the PWM idle control, you would need 1 controller per throttle. Something custom could be made using multiple driver chips on one board.

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