New Pro ecu firmware update application.

Link to download the new firmware loader for the Pro ecu. Windows only version.

There are a couple of steps involved but if you start with the first button “new user” this will give you directions.

You must be connected to the internet, It will fetch the available firmware list for you to pick the firmware you want to load.
The downloaded firmware will ask for a location, Please download to your Downloads directory (default setting) or it will not be able to find The firmware for programing.

Make sure you save your tune before doing any firmware updates. There are a couple of controllers out there that use internal and external memory. All the available firmware now uses external memory so if your tune is on the internal it wont be found by the controller and you will need to reload your backed up tune.

This is a beta release, it may not work on your machine, I’ve run it on several computers so far, It sometimes complains it’s from a untrusted source and windows will ask if you want more information. click then click run anyway.

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