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  1. Hey, I bought one of your ecu (STM PRO) trought protunerz for a L28ET. Thank you for giving us more option out. Super well built for the price! Might grab a dash display soon enough from you!

    Looking at the diagram on your site and the speeduino manuel I can’t seem to get an answer about what the voltage limit is on certain digital and internal inputs and about the internal map sensor. No idea if 12v is too much for the digital input…

    Is there any way to intercept the signal from internal map sensor so I can wire an accessory that needs to have map reading? The frostbyte controller v3 for methanol injection says to tap into the map sensor but since it’s internal, as in inside the ecu i’m not sure how to go about it, I was wondering if there was a pin that would ouput the map or is my only option to have an external map sensor? Not very keen on soldering a wire on the sensor inside the ecu but if that’s also a way to do it, sure.

    The frostbyte also has a 12v signal for enabling a failsafe strategy. When the failsafe is enable from low pressure or low fluid level, a 12v signal is sent trought a wire that I would connect to the ecu input to let’s say cut spark or etc once the ecu reads 12v (if that’s that even possible). Do you have a recomendation on what pin to use on the ecu to send that signal to or should I use a voltage converter and drop the 12v to 5v into an unused input sensor?


    1. Hi,
      All inputs are 5v only, including analogue and digital. you can use a diode, Line facing the 12v source and use a pull up resistor 1k on the pin your connected to and 5V reference voltage (TPS 5v). You can use any of the digital inputs, To set the pin up its under Accessories/Local Auxiliary input channel config.

      Example: input alias give it a name, Select Digital_local and choose pin 40 and that equals physical main connector pin 10 on the 26 pin connector.
      for the reset of the settings it will depend on what you want it to do.

      There is a MAP pin on the main connector, pin 22 on the 26 pin connector, This will give you the map sensor output 0-5v analogue output. But make sure what your connecting to it doesn’t put a load on it as it will change the reading to the ECU.

      1. That’s very helpful, will do, thank you for taking the time to answer I appreciate it!
        Just placed the order for the display, you earned it.

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