3.5" Pro touch screen display

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3.5" Pro touch screen display.

Selectable multi screens to display important information from your PRO ecu.
(This displays shares the same port as the Bluetooth and cannot be use if your using Bluetooth.)


Air temperature.
Coolant temperature.
Battery Voltage.
Manifold pressure/ Boost pressure.
Throttle Position.
Air/Fuel ratio.
Oil Pressure.
Fuel Pressure.
Timing Advance.

Digital numbers or Analogue style gauges.
Some customisable options
Functions selectable by touch screen.

Speeduino Firmware Version 202108 or higher is required.

If your ECU has the connector on the back near the USB (see last picture for identification) then it is just Plug N Play.
this also includes Micro and Basic ecu's, Please check near the USB connector on these modles and see if there is a small 4 pin connector, If there is your ready to go.

Comes with pre terminated cable ready to plug into you STM PRO, Basic and Micro ECU's (Please check before purchasing if you purchased your ECU before 11-12-2021)
Versions without connector needs small plug in module and back cover (no extra cost).

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