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Honda D16y4 Full Plug and Play ecu.

Unplug your current ecu, Plug this one in and turn the key.

You will need to connect your laptop and calibrate a few settings and then tune it, It comes with a base map that will start the engine.

2 extra connectors are on the ecu.

A Wideband Module is available to just plug into the ecu and a patch lead to plug into a 4.9lsu sensor on a side header.
images of ECU have the Wideband option Inserted.

The other header is for Coil On Plug addon, Sequential injection, Flex fuel, Clutch switch (for launch control), Boost solenoid and VVT (these are just naming and can be configured as many different functions).

****Coil on plug and sequential are only available when a compatible distributor is fitted that has a home trigger (crank position and cam triggers)

comes in a small case and a OEM style casing can be added as pictured, you just supply your own metal top from your old ECU.

ECU Features:

  • Software tuning with TunerStudio by EFI Analytics.
  • Flex Fuel
  • Wideband Corrections
  • Dual 16x16 tables for fuel and ignition control
  • Launch Control
  • Closed Loop Boost Control
  • Water Methanol Injection
  • Boost by Gear
  • Compatible with the PNP Serial displays

All units are tested on a running engine before sending out.
Please allow approximately 5-7 day lead time for unit to be built and tested.
Every unit is hand assembled at the time of ordering. Takes me around 4 hours to assemble one unit without accessories.

Currently Compatible with Speeduino firmware V0.4 Board Layout available at
Compatible with Speedyloader.

Please note these controllers are DIY EFI (Aftermarket and possibility not road legal).
The user must have some degree of knowledge of how a engine works and Electronic Fuel Injection systems and Electrical wiring.
As this is a DIY, I take no responsibility on how it is used and damage or harm it could cause.
There is no warranty or responsibility implied in anyway.
I will help and support in any way possible and warranty against manufacturing defects.

Physical damage, Vehicle associated or incorrect wiring will not be covered.

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